Tuesday, April 05, 2011

On the move

Seems a lot of people are on the move right now. Many in the northern hemisphere who've had to endure one of the longest and coldest winters in many years are either on their way to, currently at, or just returning from some place sunny and warm. Some of these people have gone to enjoy a well deserved break, while others have gone to work. Rick and Bob (below) fit into the latter category. Last week they wrapped up their month of hard work on the mission in Mozambique and returned home to Canada. Thanks for your hard work, guys!

Dwight and Andy flew them to South Africa to catch their flight in Joburg.
Here they clear customs at Vilanculos airport, Mozambique.

Within a few days of their departure, Suzanne and Andrew arrived from Canada. Suzanne has led many LPN nursing practicums at the mission (which were always full of adventure, click here to read related posts), so for her the mission is like a 2nd home. But this is Andrew's first visit and we sure hope he likes it.

Suzanne and Andrew with Joao in the campsite gazebo.

Suzanne is focusing her efforts on the health program while Andrew has been busy helping out with a number of different projects.

...one of those apparently being befriending big-dog Magnum
(who I see has his eye on items on the table?)

Another traveler this week was my dad who returned from a month long mission related trip to Brazil. He came back with good reports, but mostly it was just good to see him again!

My sister, dad and mom (saying farewell to me)

Which means that I, yes even I, was on the move this past week as I was able to spend a bit of time with my family in beautiful B.C. Some of the time was work related, but some was just fun, too :)

Any wonder it's called "Beautiful British Columbia"?
Photo Credit

We spent one night in a place where trains thundered through about every hour or so blowing their whistles into the black of night.

It was stupendous. And if I could have spent the night outside watching them, I would have. But it was a bit cold for that.

Oh yeah, and I found a "friend" too. Thankfully he wasn't eye-ing items on my table. (And no, he wasn't alive either :P)

Other folks who will soon be on the move back to Africa are Rick, Heather, and Tendai Neufeld. This 6 or so month trip home wraps up their first furlough and they are now "returning" missionaries.

A few other photos of the week's work:

Trusses in place on the Mercy Air house's veranda.

Beans for the feeding program growing happily under irrigation in the top fields.

And with that, I will close. For all those traveling, safe journeys!

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