Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wrapping Things Up

Wrapping things up is usually a good feeling. We've put out, got something done, and now we (or others) can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

And I'm sure that's how Suzanne and Andrew feel as they wrapped up their time in Mozambique this week. What a beautiful sight as this health post nears completion! Blue paint: check. Glass in windows: check. Soon to come: a red cross and the logo/recognition of participation sign.

Here, Suzanne and the health workers do health checks on all the school kids. This information goes on their file for follow up and comparison during future, regular checks.

Even though school was officially closed this week, kids had their health checks done and got lunch in too. Not a bad deal!

Visiting Pastor Frank takes some time with the kids and keeps them occupied and entertained as they wait to be seen.

You have to admit...we're cute!

Andrew and Suzanne had a little surprise this week as a Mozambican marriage celebration was conducted for them by their Mozambican friends who were too far away to attend the Canadian wedding. Good thing they came to us!

The wedding party. (We have our own norms in the bush in Mozambique!)

(Story about the knee bandage further down...)

Another happy event was the distribution of clothing to the nearby orphan children who receive help from the mission.

Unwrapping things is probably even better than wrapping things up. Yay!

We're nowhere near completing the training center yet but every small accomplishment is one step closer to being done. Here, the ceramic roof tiles arrive and are unloaded. There were so many, they filled several rooms!

And in order to add a bit more depth to the topic of wrapping things up, I have to say that wrapping things up isn't always an entirely joyous event. Especially when it means wrapping up an injury. This week while on a hike up a rock outcrop, my husband suffered a serious gouge to his knee when he slipped on the rock.
It was a nasty, deep gash but I've done my best to tone down the graphics using new-to-me GIMP .

Poor guy, but he's such a brave soul! Thankfully there was something to wrap his leg with immediately to control the bleeding. And thankfully Suzanne was around to irrigate the wound, dress it, and put him on antibiotics right away. Thanks Suzanne!

And me? Well, I'm wrapping up my time at home as my return to the African bush looms near. I've had a busy time but I've also been able to accomplish quite a bit--and that's always good.

Some of the cargo returning with me: vibrant, laminated photo-ID's for precious school kids,
pencils and crayons.

In light of Dwight's incident last week, I have to admit that I'm sure glad my current wrapping up of things is purely figurative, not literal. No tourniquet required. No gashes, no irrigation, no large bandages. I'm such a wimp.

Take care and ttyl!

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