Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Changing Planets

I often say that North America and Africa are so different from one another that going from one to the next is like changing planets.

For example, the latest news/buzz here in Edmonton includes:

1. Federal elections that are underway. Hmm, who to vote for? Who to vote for? :)
2. Stanley cup playoffs (Well, some sort of important hockey games. I'm pretty sure it's Stanley cup. Poor excuse for a Canadian, I am!)
3. Current temperature: +18 and the snow is almost gone.

While the latest news/buzz at my African bush home includes:

1. The water pump broke a few days back and last I heard everyone was back to lugging water by hand and bucket bathing.
2. Crocs and Pythons are being a nuisance in our vicinity. Crocs have killed several sheep in the last few months and this Python was caught while attacking a local farmer's chickens.

Sorry Snakey, but I think your family better move back further into the bush.
3. Current temperature: +31 and late-for-the-season storm activity.

Today, I'm "changing planets". My time in Canada is up and my suitcases are packed weighed, labeled, etc. All that remains are the goodbyes, the long trip, and of course gearing my mind for re-entry into a very different world. I don't mind the reptiles so much, but I sure hope that water pump is up and running again!

Until next week, goodbye.

Oh, and here are some videos to check out.

Rick Cogbill and Bob Denesiuk's video after their Mozambique visit:

Shaw Cable interview before their trip out:

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