Wednesday, May 04, 2011

On The Far Side

Yes, I made it to the far side of the globe safe and sound. My trip went exceptionally well and I didn't even have to pay for the extra piece of luggage that my flight itinerary warned me about. Flying into Beira was the diciest part of the journey since a storm hit just as we were approaching and we were forced to circle in fairer skies a few times until the winds and torrential downpour died down a bit.

In Beira we don't get those walkways between the airplane and terminal building that protect you from the elements, just portable steps that lead down onto the tarmac. So if it's sunny and hot, you get a really hot walk. And if it's rainy, you get a wet walk. And so, my walk into the building was a rather wet affair. Once inside, clearing customs and immigration went smoothly enough and I was soon warmly greeted by Dwight, Dawson and Winona (friends from Fort McMurray, Canada).

Dawson and Winona had spent nearly a week on the mission by the time I arrived, and since they were due to depart again from Beira in just a day and a half, we stayed in Beira with them and saw some sights and enjoyed the last bit of time together.

Night view from our hotel room in Beira

View of hotel ceiling in Beira.
(I couldn't help but take a shot of this. Never seen a ceiling like it before.
It looked like a whipped dessert topping.)

Once we'd said farewell to our friends, we left for home. It's taking me a few days to spool up and pick up where I left off, but I did a quick tour of the place to see the changes that had taken place in the 2 months I was gone.

The bridge to the airstrip is being reinforced and having finishing touches done.
Obviously workers use the log to the right as a walkway to the other side, but I wasn't about to.

More trusses are ready for the training center roof. Dwight was emphasizing here that the wood weighs a ton!

Foundations, although extremely important, are seldom exciting to look at.
(Unless, of course, it's YOUR building that's going up.)

This building plan for the maintenance shop will give you a bit of an idea what you're looking at in the previous photo. The shop will be used not only to do vehicle maintenance in but teach it as a skill to older students as well.

Some of the colours in my African back yard (Passion Fruit flower).
This has Edmonton's post-winter brownish-gray beat by a long shot!

And last but certainly not least in the photo line up of changes on this side of the globe...Buddy the klipspringer. Obviously he still enjoys a relaxing cud-chew on our veranda.

I don't think his body changed too noticeably in size, but yikes, look at the length of those pointy horns. No more bunting games on my legs for you, mister.

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