Sunday, May 15, 2011


I had to smile when I read this t-shirt message worn by one of the staff this Friday. Those are great goals, though I thought they may be a bit lofty for the end of the week. Who gets inspired on a Friday? :)

Our week started off by welcoming the arrival of guests Delinda and Bruna from Brazil. Delinda and I were MK's (missionary kids) together for several years when we were younger. I have fond memories of her family and recall her parents as being people who were inspired, motivated and involved. This impacted many young people, including me.

Visiting Africa has been a life-long dream of Delinda's, and for me it has been a privilege to be part of seeing that fulfilled.

Delinda with kids (her passion) at the school

Bruna, a dentist who specializes in working with children, enjoying connecting with kids too

There were other guests at the mission this week as well, so we loaded everyone up in two cars when they first arrived and went to see the school.

For the remainder of the week, Delinda, Bruna and I kept very busy going to the school and to community and orphan homes.

They told stories and shared "The Wordless Book"...

And did lots of fun activities, like make balloon giraffes. I did my best to help with that, but I'm afraid that in my inexperience with such things, my giraffes looked more like sausage dogs! The kids didn't seem to mind though.

While the ladies were busy doing sessions with school and community children, I did some sick-home visits and helped Ernesto get things better organized in the new health post.

Walking down the highway on one of the home visits. Celestino leading the way.

Doing dressings on a very sweet, elderly man who fell into a fire last week.

The new health post taking shape.

It's amazing how putting up a few shelves transforms a place!
(It's also amazing how much this felt like settling into a new home.)

Ernesto serving the community in the new health post.

It was a busy week, but the involvement with people and seeing progress also made it a good week. And yes, I even felt inspired on a Friday. :)

Personally, I think it's easier to feel inspired AFTER getting involved rather than the other way around. And so, it seems more logical to reword the lofty-ideals t-shirt this way:


Bye for now.


Patti said...

Loved Delinda's & Bruna's fun colorful outfits. You sound just as busy as ever if not even busier my dear sister. Please make yourself a priority once in awhile so you can recharge. Love you guys

Sharon Guzak said...

That was a busy week, Lynn. Are you forgetting you're officially over the hill now, or are you choosing to ignore that and go with how you feel? Loved the stuff about the healthcare. It's really progressed since we were there last! Sometimes i marvel at what you've both accomplished during your time in Africa. I know it's God who causes the increase, but you've done some mighty big planting and watering! Love, Sharon