Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inquiring minds want to know

I dropped the ball in my June 10th post by neglecting to state the final outcome of how many people the  truck could transport during the president's visit. I'm sure many people don't particularly care, but judging from comments left on this blog and even one Facebook status, some do. To those of you feeling left in the dark, my humblest apologies. Here is the answer:

The number of people the truck can transport is 60. 70 in a push.

Those who attended the president's visit say things went well. There were even socorristas to provide first aid back up to the crowd of attendees. Here is Celestino (left), one of the mission's socorristas, along with our truck driver (right, with a picture of President Guebuza in his hand).

Now that I feel I have a bit more closure on that post, let's move on :)

Dwight and I are traveling right now, once again. First, we took a wonderful week-long break at the coast. It was low season, so for the most part it was quiet and the beaches were empty.

But there were some curious tracks in the sand and animals around.

There were a gazillion or so of these small bluebottles washed up on the shore. You had to watch where you stepped!

This Lilac-breasted Roller came to perch on a branch just down from our place every day. He sat very patiently and turned his head first this way, then that, while I fiddled with my aperture, f-stop, zoom, and other camera settings trying to get a good shot. His feathers are a bit wind blown here because there was a gusty wind blowing that day. Sometimes I have the same problem :)

There was a huge population of ghekos, as per usual in Africa. Here's some (there were more) of the hunting posse on the front wall.


Ah yes, and then there were the crows.  They would hover over the places waiting to loot and pillage anything left attended outside for more than a few minutes.
Digging through the neighbor's "tasty" refuse.

Tell-tale tracks (crows' feet) around our place would show up every time we were out of view. Inquiring minds, I'd say.

Here's a cute little guy wondering what tasty morsel this could be on our veranda. (Placed purposefully to entice him.)

We thought he may eat it right there beside us, but no. He grabbed it and flew away.

And last but not least was this little Jack Russell (Miro) who befriended us. In this shot he's under our table looking up VERY expectantly at Dwight.

And one last beach shot: sunrise over the Indian Ocean.

We're now in South Africa getting business done. There will be the prescribed 101 stops for vehicle/sheep/construction/aviation/woodworking/office supplies to source/pick-up/sharpen/order/purchase.

And for those keen minds out there that keep track of numbers...101 may be a slight exaggeration. My apologies.



Vernon said...

Come on Lynn, this is Africa. 60/70 if you loaded the truck. I'm sure closer to 100 if they do the loading. ;-)

Russell said...

those beach photos sent goosebumps down my neck. Either that or this basement is really cold. Well, anyway, they made me wish I'd emptied my bank account and come on vacation.