Monday, June 13, 2011

Monkeys in the tree

I love weekend mornings. They're slower paced, quiet, and I usually have time to sit on the veranda with my cup of coffee. Sometimes we even get a bit of wildlife entertainment.

This past Sunday, while sipping our morning coffee, a troop of monkeys descended into the trees at the bottom of our yard. They scampered from branch to branch, from branch to ground, and from ground back up to branch again. What fun they were having (all the while keeping a watchful eye on us)! Can you see 4 of the monkeys below? (Hint, only 2 of their faces show in the picture.)

They don't spend a lot of time close to the houses but sometimes they come to see what there is to eat.

And to have a good long stare at us.

Quick glance away...

Then we're back again. Full attention.

Later that day we went to the "old farm" where we first lived when we first moved here. This little building (below) was our first ever bathroom with running water. It was quite the celebration when it was finally complete because up until then, we had only bucket bathed and used a spider-ridden outhouse.

This area (full of leaves in the picture above) was our camp kitchen, dining room, laundry room, school room, kitchen, and clinic. We even celebrated our first bush-Christmas on this floor. This area used to be covered with a grass roof but it didn't have those nice brick walls back then. The walls were made of grass which allowed every living thing, including bugs and snakes, to come or go at will. That was some fun! Or at least our kids thought so. Every day was a new adventure.

And these initials carved in the trees prove that monkeys weren't the only ones to romp here.

Like most walks down memory lane, it was very nice to see and remember but we're glad those days of "adventure" are behind us!

On our way home we stopped to check out the good progress on the training center.

It's looking so beautiful!

Anyway, let me sign off for now. This post is early because we leave to take a bit of a break from it all tomorrow and I probably won't be posting again for a week or so. Unless there's some compelling reason to do so.

And more monkeys in trees will most likely not rate :)

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Russell said...

So cool to see the training center coming together! I remember when I was still making a computer model of it. For some reason I never thought it would look anything remotely like it. But it does look remarkably similar. Cool :)