Thursday, May 09, 2013


We went to the school yesterday and took pictures for the kids to color. We started with Grade 1 and 2. I managed to capture a few moments of the fun so I'll post them here.

This first picture isn't real sharp but it was the best of this boy (on the left) performing for the photo by stuffing crayons in his mouth.

He is one of my "best" Grade 1 friends. I've taken care of him a time or two at the clinic, and as a result, I have his undying love and devotion. When I go to the school, he is often the first one at the car door to grab me by the hand and walks everywhere with me. And if he can't do that, he carries my bag of supplies for me in and out of every classroom. Anyway, this seemed to be where the focus on crayons started.

Here I got a cute wrinkle-headed smile and and pointed at with crayons.

Then, a row of girls held up their crayons for the shot.

But that wasn't good enough, so they held them higher. (And I never did manage to focus on the crayon tip.)

Next row, same thing...

And so on

This little boy didn't bother. I guess he figured his winning smile was good enough :)

Kyra and Jackson helping out and catching the action on video.

The kids loved Sharon's attention!

Dwight helping distribute sweets and brightly colored pipe cleaners when they were all done.

There may be noise and dirt and goofing off and mayhem at times at the school, but you can't help but love these kids.

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