Thursday, November 16, 2006

A kid with an attitude...

and a REAL cute face I might add! While we were in Kruger National Park the other day with Gary we came across several herds of elephants. One herd had some real cute little guys, and this one took exception to our being on the road! He twirled around several times in his mock charges, fanned his ears, shook his little noodle-trunk and kicked up his feet (note the hind foot). He put up quite a fuss and sent dust everywhere. We were in stitches! I guess the youngsters are known for having a quick temper so this unprovoked behavior is quite common. Another not-so-funny incident was when a gianormous adult female elephant came walking up from behind then came to the side of our car, stopped an arm's length away, perked her ears forward and looked far too interested in us! My window was down and she was on my side, yikes! I sort of wanted to wind it up so she couldn't just poke that huge tusk or trunk inside, but I also didn't want to seem alive and threatening. We all sat dead still while we prayed she'd lose interest, which thankfully she did! There were a number of vehicles behind us and as some passed by us after the event they asked us how it felt at that moment. A bit like a bug actually! And isn't this just a sneaky guy? Come right in, the water's fine :)
After a fantastic day at the park it was time to take Gary to catch his flight in Johannesburg. We overnighted there then headed right back to Mercy Air to finish up some more business. Two days after Gary left, Nat Zook arrived and will join us on our flight to Mozambique tomorrow. So today there's lots of rushing around, packing, doing last minute stuff, etc. Our time here in south Africa has gone by quickly and we're very ready to head for the bush again! All going well (ie. satellite internet working) I'll try to blog again next week. In the meantime, stay out of the water!


Amanda said...

Yay! *more* Kruger pics!!!! Haha... very nice mom. Good to know you survived the big elephant. ;)
Ugh! I did my second chem midterm and it was a lot harder than I expected :( ... I'm sure I did okay but not as well as I'd hoped...
Buhbye! Travel safe! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn and Dwight,
Great pics and description. I too felt like a bug when that elephant looked at me. I really didnt want to make ANY eye contact for fear she would slap me silly with her trunk.
Flight home was fine, ontime and smooth. Departure from Jo'burg was interesting. Will email you the details.
Thanks for a good time,

Russoft said...

MOMMY AND DADDY. Before I read your blog, I emailed with the address to my blog. I won't be posting it here.

Russoft said...

how many IMPALAE (impala's, impala) did you see??

Amanda said...

That's MY joke! :( ... Mommy Russell's stealing my joke!! :'(
Oh, wait... is mine just adding two i's?

auntie wilma said...

HI-- you guys
it's so nice to get up to date info like this instead of BUGS in the mail!!
I remember you in my prayers and want to visit.
many people from our church have gone S Africa recently to work in "orphans" camps so will join some time -- i hope!!
Take care-- and continue with your great work. CHEERS