Friday, December 08, 2006


Yes, after a rough re-entry with no internet hook-up for several weeks...we're online again. Sort of. There's so much to write, and I've started just that many times in my thoughts, but now that I sit down under the open sky in +37 weather I don't know where to begin! I also don't have much time so that sort of dampens creativity too. I've taken some pictures that are quite descriptive on their own, and as soon as I can, I'll post them. We had about a week to settle in, get our house habitable again and ready for company before they actually arrived. It's been a whirlwind of cleaning, rediscovering, unpacking, cooking, talking, building and laughing together. Ed and Doreen head home in just a few days and what a huge help they've been in helping us get roof trusses up, windows in and a gazillion other jobs we lured them into! We love them. Jeremiah is here a little longer and spends so much time in the hot sun it rather worries me. He seems to like life in Moz though and even has a friend Camelian (?sp).

Otherwise, settling in is going to take some time for me. I've been gone for awhile and will have to be patient with the process of readjusting. I still have our little doggy shadowing my every step like before, and our cat, Ebony, has come back home to us. (She had moved in with a young Mozambican gentleman, Joao, and they were pretty sweet on each other :D).

I better run along for this time. This is just to let you know we're still alive and kicking in Mozambique!



Anonymous said...

Hey mommy,

It's me, Russell, but I am just not logged in.

Well, I write my first two exams tomorrow (9th). I write my last exam on the 20th. Then it is time to VEG! I have been keeping my blog up to date and have posted about 1 video per blog with a brief update of my life along with something I learned that day. Some time when you have lots of time on the internet, you MUST check them out! Anyway, life is different without my mom and dad around. Mostly it means I am constantly having to wash dishes!

Ahh yes, if you go to my blog you will get to read other things that have been happening lately.

Eric & Pat said...

Hey good to hear from again even it is short & sweet.

Luv you

Anonymous said...

Hi, we'll get into this thing of blogginh too. Enjoyed yousr Lynn, did you get our e-mail? Hope so. FOrgot to attach Shia's letter but I wasn't sure I could attach. Nothing much new around here, getting busy taking in all our feasts before Christmas. Awfully hard on the waistline. But both Pat and I are going to have to cut lots of stuff our of our diets. Pat's colesterol is higher than mine, imagine! Did you guys get a letter from Ely asking for stuff to put in their missionary scrap book, ei syamps, currency, postcards pictures and a short story o how God called you? Anyway I'm just getting ours off.
Must run, love mom & dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
Sure enjoyed reading your accounts and seeing what's happening in Mozambique! I tried emailing you, but the email came back. Might want to see why a letter from is not accepted on your computer. Anyway, wanted to tell you that I've registered for the Nurse Refresher course at Grant MacEwan! Now the work begins...anyway, pray for me when you think of me doing the course. I'd love some suggestions from you on what worked good for you in the studying department! :)
God bless, and prosper your work there! Love you lots and pray for you...
Carolyn & George