Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The View From Where We Live

This is the land of outcrops, or at least this part of Mozambique is. Beautiful isn't it? Zimbabwe is just beyond that farthest mountain (not sure if it fits that category). The top picture was taken from the old farm across the fields. This bottom one is from the new mission farm, this is the view if you stand beside the new woodshop being built.

Here's the guest cottage we will be moving into. This is the day the roofing was put on (thanks Jeremiah).

A view of the inside. Foreground: kitchen, room at far end: front room, then a veranda off that. This is a pretty small house, so the veranda will have to house my washing machine, freezer, office desk, etc. It'll be a multipurpose room!

Well, I can hear the bang of thunder drawing closer and closer, so I should post this before I lose signal! Thanks for all your comments folks, it's the icing on a blogger's cake.



Lucas said...

Hey Lynn...
It's good to have news of you there in the bush!!!
Hope everything is going good with the new farm and you have a nice holiday!!!
I love the pictures you've been posting!!!
I cannot wait for the next ones... Everytime I see these beautiful places I discover that I love Africa more and more... Hope one day I get to go to Moz. and visit the mission!
Merry Christmas for you and Dwight and a happy New Year!!! God bless...

Russell said...

Wow, those are some cool pictures those first two! Hope to see more soon!