Tuesday, December 26, 2006

African Christmas without kids, snow, etc.

At least we had electricity now and again to run the fan, lights and CNN! But that's not what made this year's Christmas feel weird. It was partly because we have no kids to provide some of the motivation to "get the show on the road" this year. Part of the weird ness was just because of the busyness of late, too many trips and being away from the house. The fact that all my baking pans and nice dishes were still packed in the container didn't help. Even our turkey had to go in a tin foil roasting pan this year.

Trying to decorate without power for lights and after a long, hot day working on the other farm. Not alot of Christmas spirit here!

Our Christmas day braai (BBQ dinner) in high 30's weather. Pant, pant. The food was great though, as was the company. After the sun went down we had a good game of Badminton. Then we were really sweating!

One of the nice tents we purchased for team visits. I just realized I pretty much match the tent colour!

My other two kids...or they might as well be since they spent TONS of time in our home when they were younger. This is for you, Russ and Amanda.

I better get this posted before I lose it all! Enjoy the white stuff for us:)


Amanda said...

Gotta love blogger beta. I just wrote this huge long comment, pushed "login and publish"... and it navigated away from my comment and never published it. I guess the gist of my comment had to do with me wishing I was there for christmas, asking you to get those 2 to email us, and saying I'll probably write you a good sized email from Edmonton.
Ok well, love you guys tons & miss you even more..
"mand" =p

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn! Looks like your christmas was fun, if not HOT!!! Merry Christmas from all of us in Manitoba- and rick says who is the other guy with dwight and nat? We will email you soon again!
Love Heather and Rick

Royden and Ruth said...

You should be proud of yourselves...rumour has it your poor kidlets had no tree in the Arm for Christmas! Unbelievable!! I told Mandie they should've come here...we don't have any snow but we DO have a tree! Merry Christmas guys..we love and miss you!!
Ruth and Royden

Eric & Pat said...

Well we had an awesome WHITE Christmas (but no tree as was previously mentioned!!)with Russ & Amanda. They're the greatest kids, fit right up there with Ruth & Royden. We enjoyed them immensely had some great talks,lots of laughter & even a long walk on Christmas Day. Got in two movies as well, hate to see them go already but we're looking forward to seeing them in May at the SAM banquet. Sure miss you guys but glad you at least left your kids behind for us. Love you a whole bunch.

Russell said...

Wow mom, your skill with the camera improve each day! It looks like you've found yourself a hobby!
This Christmas has been really bizarre. Being here in Salmon Arm without our parents has been a bit weird. I guess we could summarize our visit here as:

We came, we saw, we ate.

Well, grandma and grandpa got me a halogen floodlight and a white board for Christmas so I am going to try kicking my video production into high gear over Christmas so I will have a backlog of video blogs to post for you guys when university gets busy.

Uhhhh, I have NOTHING interesting to say, have fun in the bush for me.

Bob and Sharon said...

Hi Lynn and Dwight, we have missed you and feel badly we were unable to send yu a Christmas greeting. Here it is now along with a happy new year. Bryan, Dawn and Jake stayed with us for a week during Christmas which was a blast. I does feel weird not having kids around on Christmas morning though for sure. I do not know if we will ever get used to it. Trust all is well. The cottage looks tiny compared to your house. Hope you are in the house sooner than later. Sharon is doing much better at the moment and we are trusting that 2007 is going to be the turn around year for her health and if so, you may see us sooner than we thought possible. God Bless and have a great new years day and give all our love.
Sharon and Bob